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A. Ionic – Neutral Liquid Detergents for the Industrial Cleaning. Ionic Detergents have two types -
(i) Cationic detergent Cationic detergents are made up of quaternary ammonium salts of acetates, chlorides, or bromides. The cationic part of these detergents contains a long hydrocarbon chain and a positive charge on the N atom.
(ii) Anionic detergents Anionic detergents are mainly of two types: Sodium alkyl sulphate - These detergents are sodium salts of long chain alcohols. Sodium alkylbenzenesulphonates - These detergents are sodium salts of long chain alkylbenzenesulphonic acids.

B. Non-Ionic – Neutral Glycoside Detergents. Nonionic surfactant, it can also be used as a detergent and biodegradable in liquid form. It has numerous general uses as a wetting agent, emulsifier or even as a mild detergent. It is an effective desizing agent and assists oxalic acid in the removal of rust. Compatible with certain bleaches. Safe for cotton, rayon, nylon acetate, polyester and blends. Soluble in water, ethyl & isopropyl alcohol, toluene, xylene and most chlorinated solvents.